Renewable and Alternative Energy Research Group


Summary of Activities

The need for generating energy from naturally replenished sources as opposed to non-renewable sources like coal,
petroleum e.t.c. The group is currently investigating the development of solar energy and the use of an Autorun

Hydro-Power System (AHPS) which utilises kinetic energy generated from a water tank placed at a height- this has the

potential to generate power like a ‘flowing river’ at a little cost. The group also investigates the use of sources such as
food waste, plant materials and sewage for the generation of biogas, biodiesel,and bioethanol.



1. Professor S.S. Adefila (Leader AHPS Research)

2. Professor F.K. Hymore

3. Professor J.A. Omoleye (Leader Solar Energy Research)

4. Dr. M.A. Obande

5. Engr. V.E. Efeovbokhan

6. Engr. A.O. Ayeni

7. Engr. O. Adeeyo

8. Engr. A.A. Ayoola