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The department, situated in the College of Engineering, was founded in 2004. The department has a 5 years B.Eng. degree programme, 2 years Master’sprogramme and a 3 years Ph.D. programme. Our programmes are enriched with robust course outlines which are adequately and methodically packaged to prepare our students for the successful practice of the profession anywhere in the world. The undergraduate student population is over 390. Apart from the visiting lecturers, the academic staff strength consists of Professors, Associate Professor, Lecturers I, Lecturers II and assistant lecturer, some of them have many years of industrial experience.

Some of the major state of the art undergraduate laboratory equipment in the department include an extraction unit, a CST reactor, a batch reactor, a distillation unit, a vacuum freeze dryer, ductless fume cupboards, a digital oxygen bomb calorimeter and a spray dryer. 

With this acquisition, the department is in a position to cover the wide field of chemical engineering education. Postgraduate programme in the department is open to both the internal and external context. Ph.D. and Master's holders have been successfully raised through our highly enriched research programme. Apart from fundamental research, a fraction of our research is in the effective utilization of locally available raw materials for local industry; a good example is the production of Zeolites from Nigerian clays, a major industrial chemical with a wide range of application in different areas such as Refinery Hydrocracking Reaction Catalysis. The final year projects are designed to prepare students for the larger society. Thus the topics usually cover applications of chemical engineering in diverse areas such as agriculture, health, food processing, and chemical product development. The University has put in place an effective feedback system from our graduates and the report has always been positive; that is most of our graduates are employed shortly after Youth Service and a good number venture into small-scale projects in collaboration with senior colleagues that graduated before them. The department in line with the University policy is reaching out in research collaboration with some Universities and industrial processing companies both within and outside Nigeria. With pleasure, you are welcome to Chemical Engineering Department that is raising a new generation of leaders

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